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What Exactly Is A Case Study? A Few Key Benefits To Having One

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

When you hear the words “case studies”, what do you instantly think of? Some sort of statistic for a medical illness or scientific theory, right?

The fact is, case studies have evolved into so much more.


You see, a case study is an EFFECTIVE way to make people fall in love with your business.

It’s a powerful marketing message used by companies to attract potential customers and increase sales.

Let’s dive a little deeper.

What Is A Case Study?

A case study is basically a customer’s success story about your product or service.

It’s a solution driven approach; the problem, the solution and the result.

It's written to show your business' product or service and how it helps your target audience.

In what way?

By simply using the who, what, when, where and why method.

This method grabs the readers attention and pulls them into the success story:

  • Who is the person or business that has the problem;

  • Why were they looking for your product or service;

  • When did the problem become an issue;

  • What solution were you able to provide;

  • Where did the result lead them.

For example, let’s look at a known fairy tale.

  • Problem-Cinderella (who) wants to go to the ball but simply cannot. Her poor father married a dreadful woman. Upon his untimely demise, she quickly became an evil stepmother (when and why).

  • Solution-fairy godmother show’s up, Bibbidi-Bobbi-Boo and transforms her into a beautiful princess (what).

  • Result-She gets to go to the ball, meets and falls in love with the prince. (where) She gets a happily ever after and shares her story!

Unfortunately, there’s a shortage of fairy godmothers right now who can waive a magic wand and attract customers. BUT a case study is the next best thing!

You see, case studies pay for themselves many times over. It doesn’t take too many sales to see a healthy ROI.

They shorten the sales cycle, are great for SEO, multipurpose and are like evergreens (living on long after publication by selling on your behalf for years to come).

Case studies come in various formats such as infographics, videos, reports, white papers, blog posts and pdfs.

You can create one that benefits your company on several platforms.

What industry are case studies good for?


Let’s go further.

Who Needs Case Studies?

Many people think that case studies are used just in the B2B or technology industries.

BUT fact is, all customer-facing, service-based businesses need to share the success stories of their customers if they want to attract new ones.


Because credibility and results SELL!

When you’re shopping for a product, what’s the first thing you look for?


You’re less likely to purchase something that has a lot of negative reviews.

And having a case study that SHARES tangible results from your customer is powerful.

It MAKES your product or service more credible and believable. Which increases sales and grows business.

The more complex or expensive your service is, the more likely there is a NEED for case studies.

Want to learn more? Contact me!

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